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INTERNATIONAL:Many of the students in our school have English as an additional language. Can we still use the assessments?
Posted by Lisa Miller on 09 June 2011 02:09 PM

Our assessments are intended to be used in English medium settings and with pupils who will be taking examinations in English. For this reason, our assessments are delivered in English and use English language and vocabulary throughout. However, our tests measure and report vocabulary separately from other measures such as non-verbal ability. Drilling down into the data for individuals will allow you to unpick their scores and separate low achieving students from those who have yet to acquire sufficient English. The PIPS Baseline assessment for 4/5 year olds has options to assess in Urdu, Bengali and Cantonese and children with other first languages can have certain parts of the test translated. When making comparisons of your school’s progress against other schools, you may find comparison with other international schools gives you a more accurate picture to account for language differences.

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