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PRIMARY:Are your assessments suitable for children with SEN's?
Posted by Chris Jellis on 15 June 2011 03:46 PM

It depends on the particular SEN. However, assuming that SEN refers to academically low achieving children.

PIPS and ASPECTS  like all standardised assessments, are designed to discriminate between typically achieving children. 

In fact PIPS assessments provide good measures for most children, and it does allow the identification of low achieving children. 

Inevitably though low achieving children will be presented with some material that is inappropriately difficult.

 One of the strengths of PIPS is that, in addition to maths and reading, it includes curriculum independent measures which measure  a child’s general ability.

This allows us to find out whether a child is generally weak, or whether there is any evidence for a specific learning disability. 

In all of this PIPS can be regarded as a quick and reliable screening tool, rather than a diagnostic assessment.

Diagnostic assessment

Our adaptive assessment, InCAS, provides each child with an individualised assessment according to whatever level they are working at. 

It is not unusual for children with special needs to be working at a similar level to a child that is several years younger. 

InCAS adapts to this and thus provides an appropriate and reliable assessment for all children which can also be diagnostic. 

Support information is provided with the InCAS assessment to aid the diagnosis and remediation of common reading and maths problems.


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