Knowledgebase: PIPS for years 1 to 6
What PIPS assessments are available for Years 1 to 6?
Posted by Chris Jellis on 07 July 2011 08:44 AM

PIPS is available in for the years 1 to 6

Computer version

The school is sent a CD to load onto the school network.

The system contains assessments for reading, maths, vocabulary, non verbal ability and attitudes.

Each child is given a password for a specific assessment and can sit the assessment at any time.

The whole school results are returned electronically and feedback is available within two weeks of the return deadline.


Feedback comprises:

  • Pupil nationally standardised scores
  • Pupil grades
  • Concurrent value added
  • Prior value added (progress over time)
  • Key Stage SAT chances
  • Attitudes to reading, maths and school



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