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ALIS:Is there more than Predictions and Value-Added?
Posted by on 13 July 2011 01:04 PM
  • With Full ALIS your students’ responses in the Extended Questionnaire can lead to greater understanding of your teaching and pastoral care.
    • Both Basic and Full ALIS provide predictions for your students and excellent snapshots of performance in terms of value-added each year.  Such snapshots can be reassuring or worrying, or simply confirm your perceptions.  You will have ideas as to how to spread best practice and where improvements are needed.
    • ALIS reports derived from the Extended Questionnaire can confirm what you know about your school or college, but may also provide fresh perspectives.
    • Most of your students’ responses are shown relative to responses from all students registered with ALIS to indicate where things may be different for you.
    • Specific issues to be addressed can be highlighted by similar responses to the open questions, such as

“What, if anything, should be improved on the programme or in the school/college”

  • Full ALIS also offers a survey to help with SEF returns, including a brief questionnaire to parents.

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