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Posted by on 28 August 2012 02:50 PM

CEM International Baccalaureate Evaluation (CEM IBE) provides predictions, value-added, and more, for the IB Diploma.  It facilitates the important in-house monitoring of performance and helps reveal where best to target resources.

CEM has analysed International Baccalaureate Diploma results since our pilot in 1998/99, under the name Baselines for International Schools (BASIS).  In 2005/06, with increasing numbers of UK sixth-forms offering the IB we incorporated the Diploma into ALIS, to benefit from more comprehensive feedback.  The number of IB results collected having continued to increase we introduce CEM IBE in 2012/13 to provide schools offering only IB Diploma, post-16, with a distinctive system hoping to reflect the international and holistic flavour of the IB.  Retaining all the feedback familiar from ALIS we hope to tailor CEM IBE to the needs of sixth forms offering only the IB Diploma.

Schools offering IB Diploma and other post-16 qualifications will remain with ALIS but benefit from new offerings from CEM IBE as they develop.